Other Ceremonies

“Celebrations of Life and Expressions of Love, Respect & care”

Renewal of Vows

Renewal of Vows is for those couples who have already been married. It is not a legal ceremony. It is for those who wish to make new the vows they have taken some time ago; this might occur on a significant anniversary.

The Renewal of Vows is an occasion for you to look back, reflect on the present and to embrace the future together. It refreshes all that is bringing love and commitment into your couple relationship. I will consider it an honour to assist you to prepare for this ceremony, and to be your Celebrant.


Naming of Children

The giving of a name to a child is a precious rite in any society. It implies life identity, family, kinship and community. Naming ceremonies provide an opportunity to celebrate the birth of a child and a new family member.

Whatever the format of the ceremony, the message is clearly one of love, care and commitment to the child. It is a privilege to be a Celebrant for this ceremony. I will assist you as a parent/parents to develop a meaningful ceremony. There will be a Naming Certificate to reflect the occasion.


Commitment Ceremony

Sometimes two people who are committed to each other, do not wish to be married.

The Commitment Ceremony is not a legal ceremony. It is a public statement of committed love by two people devoted to each other. It can be deeply meaningful and very satisfying to the couple involved. It can be created in a form and with a content of the couple’s wish.

I will be very happy to assist you as a couple, to prepare for this ceremony. I will provide you with a Certificate of Commitment.