Funeral Service

“Consoling Funeral Farewells and Memories”

Saying goodbye to someone we love, can be very painful. We grieve, and our grief can express itself in different ways.

In that stressful space of loss and grief, most of us seek to be part of a meaningful farewell and funeral event.

In this funeral event, we come to express our grief in words or actions, and to share this with others. We seek what will honour the deceased, and what will give us courage, support and strength.

As your Funeral Celebrant:

  • I will ensure that the funeral service prepared meets your needs; that from your perspective, it is accurate, authentic, meaningful and memorable.
  • I will support your family in the choice of content for the service, such as readings, music, prayers and symbolism.
  • I will prepare and/or deliver the Eulogy if you wish.
  • I will provide a completed script of the Funeral Service to you.

At this time of grief, you will be the centre of my attention.