About Me

It is a special privilege to assist couples and families to celebrate their significant life transitions. I look forward to being with you to do this. Thank you for taking the time to read “about me”.

I am a Commonwealth – Registered Authorised Marriage Celebrant.

My Mission is to provide high quality Marriage Ceremonies and Funeral Services which meet the emotional, social and special needs of couples and bereaved families.

I also seek to enable individuals, couples and families to celebrate other significant life transitions with joy and love, respect and care.

I have had a tertiary education and a profession in Social Work.

I have enjoyed thirty four rewarding years of practice and leadership in the delivery of marriage, family and personal counselling.

I have been married for over thirty years and we have two children who now work as health professionals.

(I am registered as a Marriage Celebrant under my name of Michael Fogarty, with Paul being my second and life time used name).